Revisiting Digital Magazines

ay back when I first got my iPad 2, I began the long-awaited transition from paper-to-digital magazines. At the time, the only magazine that I read that really had a decent digital edition was New Scientist. I used the Zinio app to access my magazine, and at first, Ioved it. Later, Scientific American became available in digital form […]

Read a Short Story Today

wenty years ago, it seemed that the number of outlets producing good short science fiction, fantasy, and horror were few and far between. Today it is thriving. With attention spans growing shorter, short stories are the perfect ingredient for readers who want to fill those shrinking slots of time. And so, as a reminder, here […]

Looking for a Last-Minute Holiday Gift: Give the Gift of Short Fiction

here are so many great science fiction/fantasy/horror magazines available today, and any (or all!) of them would make a great gift for that special someone who loves to read. And since many of these magazines are available online, or in e-book format, you can subscribe today and have your subscription in time for tomorrow–making them […]

Digital Magazines: Regular or Super-Sized?

ll of my magazine subscriptions are in digital format. Several of them (New Scientist, Rolling Stone, Esquire) I read via the Zinio App. Many others (most of my science fiction magazines, for instance) I read via the Kindle App. And several I read as PDF files (Writer’s Digest, Scientific American, and Locus). I noticed that there is a trend […]

Clarkesworld Magazine Subscription Drive

ever read short science fiction stories and want to find out what all the buzz is about? Or maybe you were once a science fiction reader looking to get back into the game? Head on over to Clarkeworld Magazine and subscribe. Clarkeworld has been publishing some outstanding science fiction from Genevieve Valentine to Tobias Buckell […]

Apex Magazine Is Having a Subscription Drive

esterday, I posted a list of all of my current magazine subscriptions. One of those subscription is to Apex Magazine, a wonderful magazine edited by Lynne Thomas, that publishes science fiction, fantasy and horror. They always publish great stories. They’ve even published a story by yours truly. Apex is having a subscription drive. If you […]

My Active Magazine Subscriptions and Where I Read Them

ecause I need a break from work, and to have a nice reference point, here is a listing of my active magazine subscriptions and where I read them: Analog Science Fiction (Kindle App) Apex Magazine (Kindle App) Asimov’s Science Fiction (Kindle App) Clarkesworld (Kindle App) Daily Science Fiction (Email) Fantasy & Science Fiction (Kindle App) […]

Dear Scientific American, Left hand, meet right hand

I get that third-party vendors of digital magazines like Zinio may not share subscription information with the source magazine in question. So when I subscribed to New Scientist through Zinio and I kept getting renewal messages from New Scientist, it kind of made sense, in a bizarro-world kind of way. New Scientist simply didn’t have any way of […]

My first-ever issue of Rolling Stone magazine

As embarrassing as it is to admit, I’ve never read a single issue of Rolling Stone. I’m not sure I’ve even looking inside an issue. But earlier in the week, io9 announced that Peter Dinklage had made the cover of Rolling Stone. Being a fan of George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones as well as Peter Dinklage, […]

Goodbye, paper edition of Scientific American, hello digital

I think I’ve had an unbroken subscription to Scientific American for the last 15 years or so. This week, I gave up my paper subscription. I usually purchased my subscription for 3 years at a time, but the latest round was due to expire in June or July, I think. I’d started getting the reminder notices, […]

Scientific American on the iPad!

I have occasionally complained that Scientific American was not available on the iPad. At present, it is the only magazine I receive that I don’t get in electronic format. That includes all 6 of my science fiction magazine subscriptions and 2 science magazine subscriptions. I have received New Scientist on the iPad (via Zinio) since last May. And […]

Why no notes or highlighting in Kindle magazines?

I’ve written before of the many reasons why I love e-books. One of those reasons is the ability to highlight text and make notes about what you are reading. I find this enormously valuable, and it is something I would never dream of doing in a physical book. I’ve been reading a lot of magazines […]