Everything I Read in 2015

ere is everything I read in 2015. At least, it is all of the books I read. It is excerpted from my reading list on GitHub. Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman (2/10/2015) Carrie by Stephen King (2/22/2015) Salem’s Lot by Stephen King (3/1/2015) The Shining by Stephen King (3/4/2015) Rage by Stephen King (3/5/2015) […]

My Secret Holiday Project — Revealed

recently had the opportunity to re-read all of my previously published fiction. It was not a fun experience. I don’t particularly enjoy reading the stories I have written once they are finished. To anyone but another writer that probably sounds strange. There are two reasons I don’t enjoy reading my old stories: 1. In the […]

My Best Reads of 2015

never do as much reading on vacation as I intend. I look forward to vacation as a time when I can squeeze in extra reading, and more often than not, I read less than normal. Sitting by the pool seems like a good time to read—except that I have to keep my eyes on the […]

The Lure of Long Books

hen I was little and just learning how to read, I recall looking at the 10 page book that I had to tackle with dismay. It would take me forever! to get through that book. It was a slow, painstaking process, and by the time I made it through, I often felt discouraged. I remember my […]

Maintaining My Reading List as a GitHub Repo Using Atom 1.0

t the end of this year, my reading list will be twenty-years old. The list has evolved over time from simple, to complex, and back to simple. But over the course of the last two decades, it has always been available online in one form or another. When I started keeping the list, it was […]

Stephen King’s Favorite Stephen King Novel

esterday I sat down to watch a Stephen King talk from back in January of this year. It took place somewhere in Florida and it was for a library down there. In the question and answer session that followed the talk, King was asked what his favorite Stephen King book was. I watched with interest, […]

My Summer Reading List, 2015 (Sort of)

bviously, we still have a month to go before summer officially begins, but a few nights ago, I jotted down the following list of books, all of which I am interested in reading in the near future1. The Fifth Heart by Dan Simmons (reading this now) Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin The Bully […]

W. C. Heinz and the M*A*S*H Connection

have mentioned before how my favorite long-form nonfiction is the baseball essay. Reading those essays leads to all kinds of places. I was discussing these types of pieces with a friend of mine, and he recommended a recent book put out through The Library of America called The Top of His Game: The Best Sportswriting of […]

A New Audiobook Version of James Clavell’s Shogun

ack in the summer of 2005, I read James Clavell’s Shogun. I absolutely loved it. When I started listening to audiobooks 2 years ago, I sought out Shogun. The version Audible had at the time was narrated by David Case, and the reviews of the narration were pretty awful. Nevertheless, I bought it, and tried to listen […]

Stephen King Books I Have Not Yet Read

ack in November, as part of his 6-city tour for Revival, Stephen King came to the Washington, D.C. area as a guest of the Politics & Prose bookstore. I wasn’t able to attend, but last night, I watched the talk on YouTube. As often happens after I see Stephen King speak, I thought to myself, “Gee, […]

New books I’ve obtained over the holidays… so far

am, apparently, still on my nonfiction kick for the most part. I will finish up my re-reading of Caesar and Christ today, and begin a long-awaited re-read of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. After that, I think it is back to nonfiction, and here is some of the nonfiction that I’ve acquired around the holidays to fortify me. The […]

Audiobooks: Listening vs. Reading

hey say that with age comes wisdom, and that part of wisdom is the ability to allow your opinions to be changed with changing facts, arguments, or the natural flow of time. Long time readers will no doubt recall the opinion I once held that audiobooks were not for me. It is interesting to look […]