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Hi! I’m Jamie Todd Rubin. I write fiction and nonfiction, and I’ve been blogging since late 2005. My fiction has appeared in many of the leading science fiction magazines, as well as a few anthologies. My nonfiction has appeared in science fiction magazines, as well as places like The Daily Beast and 99U. I’m an active member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

By day, I manage software projects, and occasionally write code. I live in Arlington, Virginia with my wife and three children.

My Writing

I also read a lot. Here is a list of the books I’ve read since January 1996.

Podcasts and Interviews

I am available for podcasts and interviews. Much to my surprise, I have a fun time doing them. Topics I usually speak about include science fiction, writing Evernote, going paperless, and productivity tools and tips. Use the contact information below to set something up. Some examples of podcasts and interviews I’ve been a part of are listed below.

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  • jamie [at] jamietoddrubin.com

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Have a comment or suggestion about the blog? Shoot an email to feedback [at] jamietoddrubin.com

3 thoughts on “About Jamie Todd Rubin

  1. Hi. I just came across this site about 10 days ago, and since then I have read a lot of your posts on Evernote. I appreciate the time you have taken to write them. I have just started using Evernote and have a few concerns about it. I have been using the filing system of the book “Unstuff Your Life” by Andrew Mellen. It is a great file/paper system. I am intrigued by the “art” of the paperless. It seems very serene and am gearing on going that way. I would LOVE an in depth post on how to make sure, if in an untimely death, of you and your spouse, how your loved ones can get and find this information. I wonder how they will know how to create one of your “timelines”. I have a fear that my mother in law would have no idea how to retrieve all the wonderful memories I’ve saved, or in your case your years of data. Is there anything you can advice me to do, to make sure of this? If you haven’t thought of this can you suggest something? I am a mom of 2 young kids, under the age of 10 and I want to make sure before I pour all their wonderful drawings, memories, that I can make sure they have this info. In my case, I’m not the family historian for me, I want to make sure they have it when they are parents.

    Thanks for all you do. I also wanted to ask one more question that I just can’t seem to find about Evernote and shared notebooks. It seems that the notes I shared with my man that have reminders don’t synch the reminders. Is that true or am I doing something wrong?

    Thanks and have a great day.
    Madison Christopher
    Walled Lake, Michigan

  2. Re: sync on reminders.

    You’re correct, these don’t sync between accounts when sharing a notebook, even if the other person is able to edit the notes. At least this doesn’t work when sharing from a Premium account – I can’t judge on Business accounts, I’d suggest you ask Evernote support if it’s critical to you.

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