Articles I Read – Week of 3 Feb 2019

A few weeks ago I wrote about how I was going to start reading one article a day to better keep up with all of the magazines I subscribe to. Two weeks in, I thought it might be interesting to list out the articles I ended up reading each week, with links if they are available online, and perhaps an occasional comment. Here, then, are the articles I read the week of 3 February 2019. Bold titles indicate articles I particularly enjoyed.

  • 2/3/2019 – “Solo” by Mark Synnot, National Geographic, Feb. 2019. Alex Honnold attempts a free solo climb of El Capitan.
  • 2/4/2019 – “Guardians of the Tiger People” by Adam Piore, Scientific American, Feb. 2019. How people and technology are protecting uncontacted tribes in Peru. (Requires subscription to read online article.)
  • 2/5/2019 – “A Town In Between” by Joyce Kryszak, Down East, Dec. 2018. A profile of Lubec, Maine.
  • 2/6/2019 – “An Unthinkable Sacrifice” by Kristen Romey, National Geographic, Feb. 2019. Archeologists discover some of the largest caches of child human sacrifice. (May require a subscription to read online article.)
  • 2/7/2019 – “The Real Roots of American Rage” by Charles Duhigg, Atlantic, Jan-Feb 2019. A long piece on the pros and cons of anger in society.
  • 2/8/2019 – “American Rhapsody” by Jeff Macgregor, Smithsonian, Nov 2018. A profile of some of the last nature grassland in Kansas.
  • 2/9/2019 – “Dr. Elon & Mr. Musk” by Charles Duhigg, WIRED, Feb. 2019. A profile of Elon Musk’s recent quirky behavior at Tesla.

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