Goodreads and an Updated Reading List

Over the holiday weekend I took another look at Goodreads to see if it had improved at all in the years since I gave up using it. It hadn’t. There were a few more features, but it was still just as cumbersome to use as I remembered, and the UI is pretty awful. After playing around with it, I decided to keep with my simple, text-based reading list.

I did, however, decide that my list could use some sprucing up. To that end, I made two changes to the list:

  1. I converted it from a .txt file to a .md (Markdown) file. This was entirely cosmetic. In Markdown format, the file looks better when browsed in GitHub, where I host it.

  2. I added page counts to each of the books in the list. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, but didn’t have the time, and then I brute-forced my way through it over the weekend.

As of today, there are 682 books on my reading list since January 1, 1996. Given my current pace, I think it is reasonable to assume that I will hit 700 books before the year is out.

For those who want to see the list, the most recent version is always available on GitHub.