Errands, Todo Lists, and Pinecone Turkeys

Today was fairly productive. The Little Miss had swimming lessons this morning. The Little Man and I stayed home and did some errands. We raked leaves, which was an effort in futility given the strong winds we’ve got today. I changed some lightbulbs that needed changing. I cleaned out one of the cars.

I’ve been playing around with Todoist, and so far, I really like it. But in order for it to replace my to-do workflow in the day job, I need it to be able to do a few tricks on the command line–things that allows me to do some automation. So today, I installed the Python libraries for Todoist, and gave them a test run. They were easy to install, and I could access my data no problem.

The Little Man and I are just back from a scouting event. The Wolf Den made 60 pinecone turkeys last week. Today, we took them to a local retirement home, and the boys handed them out to the residents, wishing them all a happy Thanksgiving.

And now, I look forward to relaxing for the rest of the evening, and finishing up the last few chapters of Die Trying.

How was your Sunday?