Reminder on Site Policies for Guest Posts and Advertising

I must have received a dozen requests for guest post or advertising on the site in the last 7 days. None of them showed any indication that they reviewed the site policies for guest posts and advertising, so I think now is a good time to remind folks of the policies. A link to my site policies is available in the footer of every page and post.

Guest Posts and Advertising

You can find the full policy here, but the gist is:

  • I do not accept unsolicited guest posts and articles for the blog.
  • I do not put advertisement on the site, including paid links to other sites
  • I don’t do link exchanges.

Product Reviews and Plugs

I have a steady stream of requests from folks to review a product, usually software or a service. Here is my full policy on product reviews and plugs, but the gist is:

  • I am not a product reviewer.
  • I generally don’t have time to try out new products and write reviews.
  • When I do review or mention a product, it is always something that I have used myself.

It is perfectly okay to ask, but 99 times out of 100 the answer is going to be no.

Sponsors and Transparency

In December 2015 I wrote a post on “Sponsors and Transparency” that pretty well captures my thoughts and philosophy about how I run this blog with respect to paid sponsors. The gist:

  • I don’t promote products I have never used myself
  • I prefer to pay for the products and services I use
  • I try to be completely transparent on rare occasions when I do receive compensation for something I mention here.


Inquiries I receive for a guest post or advertising, or any of the above, that obviously have ignored the above policies get deleted without a reply.

I do get inquiries that demonstrate, or even mention, my policies in a non-robotic way, and I always reply to these, although I rarely acquiesce.

About Jamie Todd Rubin

Jamie Todd Rubin writes fiction and nonfiction for a variety of publications including Analog, Clarkesworld, The Daily Beast, 99U, Daily Science Fiction, Lightspeed, InterGalactic Medicine Show, and several anthologies. He was featured in Lifehacker’s How I Work series. He has been blogging since 2005. By day, he manages software projects and occasionally writes code. He lives in Arlington, Virginia with his wife and three children. Find him on Twitter at @jamietr.