My Feedly Collections Are Now Available to Anyone

This morning, I purged a ton of feeds from Feedly that I was no longer keeping up with. At the same time, I took advantage of the new Feedly Collections feature that allows one to share their various collections with anyone who is interested. So if you are interesting in seeing what blogs I read on a regular basis, check out my Feedly collections.

I am always on the lookout for good blogs. In particular, I enjoy reading blogs on technology, life-hacking, quantified self, and writing (especially by writers). I also enjoy more general blogs like John Scalzi’s Whatever, or Anil Dash’s blog. I am also particularly interested in blogs by coders which talk about process–like some of the stuff that occasionally appears on GitHub’s blog. If you have recommendations for good blogs in these categories, drop them in the comments.

About Jamie Todd Rubin

Jamie Todd Rubin writes fiction and nonfiction for a variety of publications including Analog, Clarkesworld, The Daily Beast, 99U, Daily Science Fiction, Lightspeed, InterGalactic Medicine Show, and several anthologies. He was featured in Lifehacker’s How I Work series. He has been blogging since 2005. By day, he manages software projects and occasionally writes code. He lives in Arlington, Virginia with his wife and three children. Find him on Twitter at @jamietr.

3 thoughts on “My Feedly Collections Are Now Available to Anyone

  1. I’m sure you were not looking for self-promoting but… I write about life-hacking, tech., and writing* at Just saying! Keep up the good work!

    *I always endeavor, and fail, to implement a quan. self system. Maybe someday!

  2. Hi Jamie, I would recommend these 2 blogs:

    1. Farnam Street Blog – Shane writes about book he read, philosophy and decision making. The man devours books like dinosaurs devouring humans in Jurassic Park.

    2. Barking Up the Wrong Tree (bakadesuyo) – Eric writes on living the good life with scientific evidence and well structured posts.

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