Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads out there. Here I am with my Dad a few, um, years ago.

Father's Day

Saturday and Sunday in our house are known as “sleep in” days to the kids. “Sleep in” means that Dad doesn’t come into their room at 6:15 am to wake them up. Instead, they come into our room at 6:15 am to wake us up. This morning, at least, they had the courtesy of going back to sleep for an hour once they climbed into bed with us. Probably because it is Father’s Day.

Also, I’m never certain if it is Father’s Day or Fathers’ Day. It seems like it should be the latter. But my calendar says Father’s Day and the cards I got this morning from Kelly and the kids say Father’s Day. That just seems less collective than Fathers’ Day, but then, who am I to argue on this point. I mention it only because I am confused once every year about the proper way to refer to the day, and I never seem to learn from previous years.

Whether it’s Father’s Day or Fathers’ Day, I hope it is a happy one!

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