Automatically Send a Summary of FitBit Activity to Evernote with IFTTT

Yesterday, IFTTT introduced the FitBit Channel. This is something I’ve been waiting for! Now it is easy to trigger IFTTT events based on FitBit activity. As an example, I created a recipe that will automatically send a daily summary of the previous day’s FitBit activity to Evernote.

IFTTT Recipe: Send a daily summary of #FitBit activity to #Evernote connects fitbit to evernote

There’s a ton of other things possible with this IFTTT integration. You could send your data to a Google Spreadsheet, send an email when you get less than a certain amount of sleep, send a text message when you meet a daily goal. Check out the possibilities over at IFTTT.

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2 thoughts on “Automatically Send a Summary of FitBit Activity to Evernote with IFTTT

  1. Thanks Jamie…not only another time saving idea to get notes into EN, but you have actually done the work by making recipe available. With the time I saved not having to create my own IFTT recipe, I could leave this comment 😉

  2. This is getting very close to what I want. I splurged on a fit bit, and the darn thing fell off my belt somewhere. Can’t bring myself to spend another $100 to replace it. But I would love to have my activity from runkeeper automatically logged in evernote. I’ll be watching for you to tell me when that’s possible.

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