Kitchen Remodel: The Before Shots

Tomorrow, the crew arrives to begin work on our kitchen remodel. The remodel consists of new cabinets1, countertops2, backsplash3, breakfast bar, floors, sink, paint, and some miscellaneous small items. The work is expected to take three weeks. I finished emptying out the kitchen today and took four pictures to establish the before shots. I plan to take the same four picture each day of construction to show the progress along the way. Here are the before shots. I took them this morning after finishing up in there. All subsequent photos will be taken in the evenings after the day’s work is done.

Kitchen, North View
Kitchen, North View, 5/18/2013
Kitchen, East View
Kitchen, East View, 5/18/14
Kitchen, West View (1)
Kitchen, West View (1), 5/18/14
Kitchen, West View (2)
Kitchen, West View (2), 5/18/14

I think everyone is excited to see how the new kitchen turns out. Stay-tuned for updates as the project progresses.

  1. 42-inch cabinets up on top, which are taller than what we have now, because the soffit is being removed.
  2. Granite.
  3. Glass.

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