Blog Milestone: One Million in One Year!

Yesterday was the heaviest traffic day on the blog in well over a year (since February 2013, actually). Nearly 10,000 page views, which is about 2-1/2 times the normal daily traffic. I was trying to parse this out last night when I couldn’t sleep, and made a pleasant discovery.

For the first time ever, this blog has exceeded 1 million page views in 365 days! Between May 16, 2013 and today, May 15, 2014, the blog has had 1,009,989 page views. At last, I’ve broken that elusive 1 million views/year barrier!

1 million in 1 year

I am kind of blown away by this. I can remember back in 2010 when I decided I wanted to try to improve the content and make it accessible to a broader audience. I was getting about 30 page views/day and aimed to triple that by the end of 2010. Since then, things have progressed to the point where I now have more than 1 million views in a year. That seems incredible to me, and just wanted to thank everyone who take the time to drop by the blog.

So thank, everyone! You all help make it fun!

1 thought on “Blog Milestone: One Million in One Year!

  1. Way to go! It seems your Fitbit posts have proven your most popular. I stumbled on your page by researching using Evernote.

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