Three Jobs I Think I’d Love To Do in Professional Baseball

Aside from being, you know, a baseball player, since that ship has pretty much sailed.

  1. Announcer. There is something wonderfully appealing about getting up every day to go to the ball park and call a baseball game. A scorecard in front of you, the game spread out before your eyes, the smell of hot dogs. That would be a pretty cool job.
  2. Sports Writer. Baseball columnists and writers appeal to both the writer in my and the baseball fan and so this seems like it would be a good match for both passions.
  3. Sabermetrician. Because, you know, I like numbers.

(The Little Miss was home sick this afternoon, so while she was being her sick little self, I caught the home opener of the Washington Nationals today. They lost to Atlanta, but it was a good game.)

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