300 Days of Writing in 2013

After all of the presents were unwrapped, and the toys put together, and the Transformers transformed, I sat down to squeeze in a little Christmas Day writing. I managed about 400 words in the “early” session, making today the 157th consecutive day on which I’ve written.

But with that writing session this morning, I hit an even bigger milestone.

As of this morning, I have written fiction on 300 out of the last 302 days going back to February 27, when I started keeping track. This seems phenomenal to me. On my best years prior to this one, I came nowhere near 300 days of writing in an single calendar year. I may have grazed 50 days once or twice, but 300? I wouldn’t have thought it possible.

It comes out to 265,000 words, or an average of about 880 words/day.

Earlier this week, I jokingly said I was aiming for 2,632 consecutive days of writing, but what I really meant was 2,633. Why just go for the tie, why not break the record, right?

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