The Sinus Pressure Headache that Sent Me Back To Bed

I slept pretty terribly last night. I went to bed with a headache that I’d had all day; a headache unlike the ones I get on those rare times when I get them. I couldn’t quite put my finger on the difference–but when I woke up in the middle of the night last night, I could: pressure. It felt like there was an enormous pressure inside my head, pulling apart the seams of my skull. I felt congested and Kelly suggested maybe it was a sinus headache. For those wondering just how bad my sleep was, here is what my FitBit Flex recorded:

Bad Night

Those light blue lines are times that I was restless. You can see that it seemed to go on most of the night, with a couple of large gaps–both of which were NyQuil-induced sleep.

I’m extremely busy at the day job these days, shepherding two related software projects into production, which sometimes feels like herding ants. I got up this morning, dressed, and headed into the office thinking I’d brute force my way through the day.  I made it until about 9:15 before I gave up, headed home and back into bed.

On my way, I picked up some medicine, Advil Sinus medicine with Sudofed, and that seemed to help relieve the pressure in my head. I slept from about 10 am until noon, and felt a little better. I am still in bed, still resting, but I am feeling a little bit better at this point. Actually, I’m feeling much better than I was at the peak of the pressure sometime around 1 am.

I’ll probably he taking it very easy the rest of the day. I’ll do some fiction-writing later.

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