New Features Coming to My Google Writing Tracker Scripts in January

I am in the process of beta-testing some new features that I have added to my Google Writing Tracker scripts that are currently available on GitHub. The most significant of these features is a means by which to track the time you spend writing, in addition to how much you write.

My scripts currently track how much I write, but they do not track the time I spend writing, something that I am interested in learning. But I don’t want to waste time tracking time. So I have been looking for the least intrusive means for gathering relatively accurate data on how much time I spend on my writing, and I think I’ve got something that finally works.

I am beta-testing the new code myself over the next two months, tweaking it as necessary. If all goes well, I’ll add these scripts to the GitHub repository so that others can use them. I’ll also be able to post the results of some of the data I collect along the way so that folks know what to expect.

Again, these scripts won’t be ready until January, but I thought I’d mention them here in case there was interest in this functionality, in addition to what the scripts already provide.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. I am going to start trying it in January. The instructions were easy to follow & I am very excited to see this in action.

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