What I am Reading

Things have been unusually busy this last week, which helps to explain the reduced frequency of my appearances (to say nothing of my posts) here. But I thought I’d take a minute to tell folks what I am reading.

  1. Clear and Present Danger by Tom Clancy. I am re-reading all of the Jack Ryan books. I was looking for a change of pace. I first read these books back in the summer of 2000. I find it remarkable how little I remember from that first read. Clancy was not as good a writer as Stephen King, but he can tell a good story.
  2. Old Mars, edited by George R. R. Martin and Gardner Dozois. This one is pure fun. An original anthology collecting stories about Mars the way we imagined it before probes visited the planet. I haven’t had this much fun reading SF stories in a while now.

What are you reading?

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2 thoughts on “What I am Reading

  1. At this moment, nothing, since I finished my last read and am not sure where I am “going next”.

    Funny, Daniel Abraham said that he thinks I should read Old Mars since he wants my review of his story…

  2. Paul, Allen Steele set the bar pretty high with his opening story for the anthology, “Martian Blood.” I’m looking forward to the rest. I’m currently reading Matthew Hughes, “The Ugly Duckling.” These stories are right up my Golden Age alley. 🙂

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