150 Days of Writing (with Charts)

Nearly two months ago, I posted my 100 Consecutive Days of Writing infographic. While I was at Launch Pad, my consecutive-day streak came to an end at 140 days, but I have since started to climb that hill again and have an eye toward December 11, when, if I don’t miss a day, I’ll hit 141 consecutive days and break my record.

In the meantime, since it’s now about about 150 days since I started using my automated scripts to track all of this writing, I thought I’d share a few charts that illustrate those 150 days. These charts include all of my writing, fiction and blogging. The first chart shows the raw numbers in a stacked bar graph. This gives an idea of relative totals as well as the total number of words I’ve written each day for the last 150 days.

150 Days of Writing

This gives a pretty good picture of my daily volume, but not a particularly good picture of trends. So I calculated a 7-day moving average of both my fiction writing and blogging. The result is the following chart:

7 Day Moving Average

It is this second chart that I find more interesting. It shows the ups and downs of my daily averages plotted over time. You can see a steady increase over the first month or so. Then a rapid drop-of, followed by a long period of fairly consistent daily averages. Beginning in mid-July, my blog writing picked up, mainly because of the long posts I wrote for Launch Pad. In the last week or so, my fiction writing averages have started to shoot up as well, as I have deliberately aimed for higher word counts each day.

Nothing earth-shattering here. My main trick is don’t break the streak. And when I do, don’t despair. I pick myself up, dust myself off, and start all over again.

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  1. Streaks were meant to be broken, then restarted, then broken, then – well, you get the picture. 🙂 Good luck with 141

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