It’s Time For a Reminder: I Do Not Accept Unsolicited Guest Posts or Ads

Since I just got finished to replying1 to half a dozen email messages on the subject that accumulated while I was away at Launch Pad, let me remind would-be guest-posters and advertisers:

I do not accept unsolicited guest posts or advertisements on the blog.

This is articulated succinctly and quite clearly in the site policies, which, although linked to on every page, no would-be guest-posters and advertisers fail to read.

That said, you may from time-to-time see guest posts here. These are solicited guest posts, like the one that my friend Juliette Wade did for me while I was on my Internet vacation back in March. The difference: I invited Juliette to do a guest post and she kindly agreed to do it.

Bottom line: if I did not invite you to write a guest post, the answer is always no.

  1. Don’t worry, I did not spend a lot of time on this. I have a TextExpander snippet that I expand into these messages. It takes me about 5 seconds per message to respond.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Time For a Reminder: I Do Not Accept Unsolicited Guest Posts or Ads

  1. It’s unlikely the senders are actually *reading* your blog, so this is likely falling on deaf ears. We get multiple requests a day, all with similar verbiage. Requests for guest posts invariably want to link to some site unrelated to sff (like satellite or cable services or online education courses whatever). It’s targeted spam. Ignore it.

  2. Good advice, John, and I did promise myself that this was the last round that I would actually send replies. From now on the messages get filed in /dev/null.

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