Father’s Day, 2013

Yesterday was Father’s Day and it was a good one for me and the whole family, I think. It started early. The Little Man had his last t-ball session at 9am, and his grandparents came to watch him play. After that, we headed over to the splash park and the kids ran ragged, getting themselves soaked in the process.

We decided to have an early dinner. I grilled, cooking a couple of rib-eye steaks, some salmon, baked beans, and corn on the cob. We had watermelon for desert, and after a walk, we also had special Carvel Ice Cream cake (with the crunchy stuff in the middle).

The Little Man did not nap yesterday. When we got home from our walk, he had fallen asleep on the couch next to his grandfather. I picked him up and put him to bed–and he ended up sleeping straight through the night.

I got some very nice Father’s Day cards from Kelly and the kids. And a new wallet, which is exactly what I had asked for since my old one was falling apart.

So busy was the day yesterday that I had almost no time to read. But I still managed to sneak in about 500 words of writing before going to bed last night, and my streak now stands at 110 consecutive days.

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