Reminder: My Internet Vacation is Just Three Days Away

Just a reminder that I will be taking a 2-week vacation from the Internet beginning midnight of Sunday, March 17, and running through the end of the day of Saturday, March 30. During this time, I will have at least one new post scheduled here every day so that you don’t miss out on any content while I am gone. But since I will only be checking email infrequently and in a highly filtered way, if there is something you need from me before Saturday night, let me know now. Otherwise, it’s likely I won’t be able to help you until I am back from my Internet vacation on March 31.

Why check email if I am on an Internet vacationI can hear some people asking. It is a perfectly reasonable question, but I can’t say if I have a good answer. My best answer is that I will be tempted to check my email regardless. If I tell you that I’m not going to check email, I am not only lying to you, I am lying to myself. What I do plan on, is to check infrequently, and only reply to messages that require timely replies. Also, I have set up a filter so that only certain types of messages will get through into my inbox. All others will be held in a “Vacation” folder for me to review at my leisure when I return. So even when I do check my email, I won’t be seeing everything.

That said, if I owe you something, let me me know now (please don’t wait until 9pm Saturday evening) and I’ll do my best to turn it around quickly.

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