Oh, And I Pulled A Groin Muscle

Playing professional baseball can result in a variety of injuries. I think a groin pull is a fairly common injury for pro baseball players, especially infielders making an extra stretch to grab a ball that would otherwise be just out of reach. Groin pulls can be pretty painful. I should know. I pulled one the other day.

But, I am ashamed to say, I didn’t do it nabbing a ground ball with eyes on some spectacular play.

No, I did it coughing.

You read that right. Coughing. I’d be loath to write about it were it not so ridiculously funny. I am limping around Savannah, Georgia because I pulled a muscle coughing. I mentioned in the previous post that I’d been sick and had a lingering cough. Well, that cough gave me a low-blow the other day and I’ve been in a moderate degree of pain ever since. Fortunately, most of our touring of Savannah will be by trolley.

Anyway, for anyone who needed a good laugh on a Sunday morning, I’m glad to oblige. And let me warn you, if you have a cough, be careful: they can be dangerous!

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