Dear Other Dads of Young Children

I was in the elevator at work yesterday and noticed that I was getting some strange looks from the handful of other people in the elevator with me. At first I thought maybe I had something on my face, but as I listened, I suddenly realized that I was singing the “Dance-A-Lot Robot” song from the Disney Channel. Out loud, of course. I told Kelly about this after work and she laughed.


Please, Other Dads of Young Children, tell me that I am not the only one who unconsciously sings Dance-A-Lot Robot songs out loud in the work elevator when others are present!

Most Sincerely,


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4 thoughts on “Dear Other Dads of Young Children

  1. It’s not only you, or just Dads. My wife and I frequently catch ourselves singing something from a kids show – its even been known for us to sing together!

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