Some numbers from the first half of 2012

It’s hard to believe that the first half of 2012 is gone, bye-bye, seeyalater. I blinked and the year dashed by. Perception, I know, since time flows one second at a time, but still…

So a few interesting (to me) stats for the first half of the year, ending June 30:

Blogging and social networking:

  • I started 2012 with 442 Twitter followers. As of June 30, I was at an even 700.
  • I ended the first half of 2012 with just a hair over 150,000 direct visits to this site. That’s 150% more than all of 2011 combined.
  • Add in RSS hits and the number jumps to just under a quarter of a million visits.
  • I started 2012 with 144 active followers via Feedburner. As of June 30, I was at 417.


  • I read 134 pieces of short fiction
  • I read 16 books


  • I wrote 5 stories (complete drafts)
  • I made 4 submissions1
  • Committed more than 1.75 million keystrokes
Physical activity2
  • Walked 1,064,809 steps, or the equivalent of roughly 550 miles
  • Climbed the equivalent of 2,291 flights of stairs

Anyone else have interesting statistics for the first half of 2012?

  1. I sold one of those submissions, but word of that sale didn’t come until July 3, so it doesn’t count in the first half of the year.
  2. Based on 3 months worth of data.

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