Beer anyone? Another in my series of new @thinkgeek t-shirt photos

It was my intention to do these all in one post, but with my various obligations and the fact that the shirts are in various stages of laundry-ness, it seems easier just to do them one at a time. So, for today, a shirt that sums up a late spring Friday just about perfectly. (To say nothing of the handsome t-shirt model that goes with it.)


Those interested can find this ThinkGeek t-shirt here.

And for the record, my latest favorite beer is the Dogfish Head 90-minute IPA. After drinking this beer for a while, beers that I used to like taste so much more bland.

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4 replies on “Beer anyone? Another in my series of new @thinkgeek t-shirt photos”

  1. 90 minute is awesome. That’s my all-time fav. Btw, they now sell the Palo Santo in Grand Central. $7 for a bottle. Tempting. But not when the 90 minute is only $4.

  2. At Safeway the 4-pack of 90 minute comes to about $2.50/bottle. Palo Santo is more like $3.25/bottle. But I really like the 90 minute. Palo is good, but is just too strong for me sometimes.

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