Feeling much better

Last night I had a rare bout with nausea that kept me up and uncomfortable for most of the night. It seemed that I couldn’t keep still, and yet every time I moved, waves after wave of dizzy, nauseated feelings rode through me. Eventually, I resorted to taking an antiemetic like Dramamine, and I think I actually fell asleep for an hour or two, but the dreams that accompanied that sleep were as bad as the nausea itself.

Nevertheless, and despite waking up later than usual, I went into the office this morning. (My office, it seems, is the only one in the metro DC area that was not closed for President’s Day.) I managed to get an hour’s worth of work done before I realized that it wasn’t working and I still wasn’t feeling great. So I came home. Kelly had taken the Little Miss to daycare and the Little Man for an outing. I went upstairs, got into bed and let the world disappear around me.

I slept for about 4 hours and when I finally woke up (around 1:30 pm) I felt so much better. The nausea was completely gone and about the only thing that lingered is a bit of a stuffy head. I came downstairs and ate lunch, pleased that I could eat without any discomfort. Having eaten, I feel fine (and relieved) that whatever it was that plagued me has passed.

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