Returning to the Iron Islands: restarting A Feast for Crows

Back in September, I took a break from my reading of George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series. At the time, I was almost halfway through A Feast For Crows, but my mind was beginning to wander and needed other forms of entertainment. Also, my time for reading had been compressed down to almost nothing with a newborn in the house.

But one of my reading goals for 2012 was to catch up with the rest of the series. Two days ago, I picked up A Feast for Crows again and started reading. I read a few pages from where I’d left off and realized that I’d completely lost the threads so I started over from the beginning and I’m pleased to say that I’m very much enjoying the story, even through I’ve read these parts already

I’m not sure I’ll breeze through these last two books as quickly as I did the first three because I’ve got a fair amount of other reading to do–particularly keeping up with short fiction. But one of the reasons I was able to start reading the book again is because at the moment, I’m all caught up with the stories that I wanted to read in the magazines I subscribe to–and in some cases, like Analog, that takes me through April 2012.

So I’m back in the Iron Islands and you can probably count on a few posts related to these books as I get through them.

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