Reason #67 to love short fiction

If you have to walk somewhere, you can read an entire short story on the way there. And another one one the way back.

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4 thoughts on “Reason #67 to love short fiction

  1. I suppose I could say I just keep peeking over my iPhone or iPad and hope for the best. But the truth is I’ve been reading and walking at the same time ever since Junior High School, when I’d walk home from the library carrying books and reading one of them while I walked. I haven’t been squashed yet. So maybe the real answer to your question is: nearly 27 years of practice.

  2. Color me green with envy.

    For a long time I needed very specific conditions to read: perfect lighting, no noise (or white noise like a crowded airport) and a comfortable chair. I’ve gotten a *little* better thanks to backlit eBook reading devices like smartphones and tablets.

  3. Generally, all I need is quiet, or a background noise that is mostly white noise, like a fountain. Television or music kill me. Thankfully, my noise-canceling headset have made it possible for me to read just about anywhere these last few years.

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