My latest Wayward Time Travel column is up at SF Signal

Over at SF Signal, my latest Wayward Time Traveler column has been posted. In “A Correspondent to the Past, Part 3: 1995” I take the old time machine to 1995 to experience for a second time what you can really only experience for the first time once: a Harlan Ellison reading. Head on over to check it out. And if you’ve missed the first two parts in the mini-series, you can check them out here and here.

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  1. Oh man, those pictures are just amazing. It was the ’53 convention where Asimov had his famous first encounter with Ellison, right? I’ve also read about the 1955 Cleveland convention as a memorable one, too. I can’t believe how young Ellison looks. A friend of mine in high school lived right across the street from Ellison Wonderland, and I would see Ellison on his fairly frequent visits down to Dangerous Visions in Sherman Oaks. Even in the years since then, he seems to have aged. He had to be a teenager in those photos! Thanks for sharing them!

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