Recent and upcoming reading


  • I finished Jack McDevitt’s spectacular novel, Firebird last night.
  • I read Jack’s story “Listen Up, Nitwits” in the Jan/Feb 2012 Analog last week.
  • I read Jack’s story “Maiden Voyage” in the Jan 2012 Asimov’s last night.
  • I started Stephen King’s 11/22/63 last night.
  • I’ve got the concluding part of Heinlein’s “Methuselah’s Children” queued up.
  • The October 1941 Astounding contains Heinlein’s “By His Boostraps”.
  • There’s still part 1 of Robert J. Sawyer’s Triggers to read in the Jan/Feb 2012 Analog.
It’s at times like these when I am deeply thankful that my parents encouraged me to read.

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2 thoughts on “Recent and upcoming reading

  1. Jamie, you say at ..2011/11/10/recent-and-upcoming-reading/

    that “..I’ve got the concluding part of Heinlein’s “Methuselah’s Children” queued up….”

    don’t quite understand: it was a single, complete Novel as I recall…

    I have it .. and quite a few other Books in eBook form… – currently I mostly use a Kindle but an iPad III is ‘in the mail’ (*rubs hands*)

    BTW: Do you enjoy Neal Asher?

    best of luck & regards from OZ…

    Wayne T
    (Incarnator of ‘The One and Only Original Brass Razoo’ !!)

    If you ever need Researcher/Proofreader – email me and I’ll Zap you a Resumé so impressive it’ll scare you… LOL

  2. Wayne, I was referring to the original serial of “Methuselah’s Children” which appeared in three parts, from July – September 1941 in Astounding. The serial was fixed up into a novel several years later.

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