Fall back

I woke up just before 1am last night and couldn’t get back to sleep. So I picked up Jack McDevitt’s Firebird and read for an hour. I then watched as the end of daylight saving time magically wiped away that hour, and I went back to sleep–at 1am. An entire hour of reading completely out of time, like a pocket universe.

Incidentally, since we “fall” back, here is a picture taken at the local park today. We took the Little Man and Little Miss there to get them outside for a while.


Granted, it is not a particularly colorful set of leaves, but I like how it looks with the blue sky in the background. And this one picture has more colorful foliage than I saw in nearly twenty years living in L.A. Fall in L.A. means the hills turn from brown to green.

As usual, the Little Man wanted to spend most of his time throwing rocks in to the stream that runs along the bike path. He’s developing a good throwing arm.

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