Head on over to the new Amazing Stories magazine…

As I mentioned last week, the newly revived Amazing Stories is going to be reprinting my Vacation in the Golden Age columns from the very beginning. Today, Episode #1, covering the July 1939 issue of Astounding is reprinted there. Episode #2 will follow in 2 weeks. Meanwhile, Episode 25, covering the July 1941 Astounding will be available right here, as usual,  one week from today. It’s pretty cool to think that I have my posts on the Golden Age reprinted in a new incarnation of the original science fiction magazine.

5 thoughts on “Head on over to the new Amazing Stories magazine…

  1. Amazing is back in action? Damn, I should really take another stab at making part of Shaver’s Mystery into a short story.

  2. Jamie,

    From the contacts I’ve received from numerous Amazing Stories alumni, I believe that many folks out there are looking forward to the same thing.

    I should point out a couple of things to be absolutely clear:

    First – the magazine itself is not yet ‘back’. Returning to regular publication as a magazine (‘E’ or otherwise) that prints the best in modern science fiction, fantasy and horror is an on-going effort that is fully expected to take between 12 and 18 months. I am determined to resist launching the publication until such time as it is ensured of a sustainable financial future.

    Second – the current website is more than a mere ‘placeholder’; regular content will be placed there as will information regarding my progress. Polls, questions & etc., on the site are designed to encourage participation and feedback. I want Amazing Stories to be borne of the desires of the readers and contributors.

    Third – Ana – The “Shaver Mysteries” resulted in quite a bit of controversy at the time of publication. They weren’t considered true science fiction and the editor’s insistence that the information contained therein was based on fact turned a lot of the magazine’s readers off. I’m not so sure I’d want to include such in a reprint series (reprints are part of the program) – but I would be interested in a ‘history of’ that explains what they were (mysteries) and how their publication helped spawn a series of ‘conspiracy’ interests and new publications.

  3. I also wanted to mention (and forgot to previously) that Michael Moorecock is in the process of resurrecting perhaps the most highly respected UK science fiction magazine – New Worlds – as Michael Moorcock’s New Worlds.
    Michael edited the publication to great critical acclaim and helped spur the ‘new wave’ movement within its pages. There is a facebook page for this effort and those interested in science fiction and magazines ought to check it out.

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