New Golden Age acquisitions!

As part of my Vacation in the Golden Age, I need to obtain the issues of Astounding between July 1939 and December 1950. Many of these I already have and in fact, my first gap wasn’t until Episode 35, the May 1942 issue of Astounding. I obtained the 1942 issues (many of which are signed) in a single block and the block included all of 1942 except for the May issue.

The May issue, for those who don’t know, contains Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation,” the first story in his famous science fiction series and I imagine that has made it difficult to obtain. I have been trying since the outset of my Vacation way back in January. Well, I have some good news to report:

Yesterday, I obtained a copy of the May 1942 Astounding! When the issue arrives in the mail, I will post pictures.

I also obtained the January and March 1943 issues, which means my next gap is February 1943. I’m not too worried, however. I don’t need this issue until the end of June 2012. It represents Episode 44 of my Vacation.

Still, I am very excited to finally have obtained the May 1942 issue and for a reasonable price, too! Expect a photo when it arrives.

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4 thoughts on “New Golden Age acquisitions!

  1. Ahhh! But the May 1942 issue also contains the great A. E. van Vogt cover story, “Asylum”! And the second half of RAH’s BEYOND THIS HORIZON!

    Your missing February 1943 ASF leads off with a smashing cover for van Vogt’s three-part THE WEAPON MAKERS. All three issues (FEB|MAR|APR) are available for sale at And all three are from van Vogt’s personal library!

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