And the SF novel I will read next is…


The results from my poll asking “What classic science fiction novel should I read next” are in. Taking the lead by just one vote is Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle’s The Mote In God’s Eye. Mote received 9 votes, followed by a tie for second place between The Lathe of Heaven and Have Spacesuit, Will Travel each of which had 8 votes. Blood Music and This Immortal came in last each with 2 votes.

I have my copy of Mote sitting on the bookshelf, but I also obtained an e-book edition (since I have gotten hooked on that format). As I said in the poll post, as soon as I finish the books I am reading now, I’ll jump right into The Mote In God’s Eye and I’ll report back to you when I finish it.

I wanted to thank everyone who participated in the poll. I was surprised to get as many responses as I did, and there were a lot of good comments to go along with them. It was a lot of fun. Thank you!


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