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Is it me, or are browser bookmarks going the way of the dodo?

A few days ago it occurred to me that I never use bookmarks anymore. There’s just no need for them. I use Google Chrome on my two laptop computers and both systems are configured to launch with 5 tabs open: Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter, Facebook, and my WordPress site. I can click a link in Gmail to get to Google Reader and read my news feed. If there is some interesting item in the news feed that I want to remember, I simple star it and can browse the list of stars when I feel the need. If I come across a blog I like, there’s no need to bookmark it because I can simply add it to my RSS feed. And if I come across something that I want to read later on, I can send it to Instapaper. (And Instapaper allows me to automatically send those items to Evernote, as well.)

With all of this cloud-based “bookmarking”, combined with mobile apps for most things that I do, I just don’t see the point of browser-based bookmarks anymore?

Do you still use browser bookmarks? Do they still help?

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1 thought on “Browser bookmarks

  1. Well, I’m a bit biased as I’m working on an open source bookmark platform, but not all the interesting things I come across come via google reader. As a developer I tend to find a lot of good docs, blog posts, etc where I just want to store that single page because it’s got useful info I want to go back to. I don’t want to subscribe to their whole blog, and I can’t subscribe to a page in some documentation.

    I also use bookmarks for stores with useful items I might be interested in, vacation research, all of those kinds of things just don’t fit into a google reader world.

    So yep, I <3 bookmarks and while I do use and can't live without google reader, the overlap is much smaller in practice. &

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