30 day song challenge, day 30: your favorite song at this time last year

Really? This is the big category after 29 days of moderately interesting categories? We’re really going to end on this note? Ah, well, I’ve been going along with it for 29 days, one more won’t kill me. I have to say that my favorite song this time last year is probably still my favorite song (at my age, my taste in music has gelled). But what I will talk about is a song that I listened to more this time last year than I have listened to recently. That song is:

Fix You by Coldplay.

Again, this really wasn’t my favorite song, but it was a song I listened to over and over and over again last year. In part that was because I had built a story around the song. I liked the way the song builds up to this climax and then ends in a virtual whisper, albeit a revealing whisper. In any event, I’d written a novelette called “In the Cloud” the penultimate scene of which follow the pattern of Coldplay’s song. It is one of the few times that I actually listened to music while writing. (Usually I listen to nothing but the silence produced by my noise-canceling headset.)

I was never able to sell the story, although I got some positive feedback on it. And I still really like that scene.

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