30 day song challenge, day 28: a song that makes you feel guilty

Whew, I almost didn’t get this one out today. This was a moderately tough one because I can’t really think of a song that makes me feel guilty? Guilty of what? So I’m going to cheat slightly this time around and tell you about a song that makes me feel, well, awkward. And that song is:

Take My Breath Away by Berlin

First of all, I cannot think of that song without thinking of that love scene in Top Gun. Perhaps because that scene was so voyeuristic at an age when my hormones were raging, I think of that voyeurism as guilt, but it isn’t really guilt, since I paid by money to see the movie. While it seems like guilt, I think what I really feel about it awkward. It was an awkward time, that weird age when all kinds of new feels are stirring and a generally sunny personality becomes momentarily stormy.

I still shudder at the thought of it.

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