30 day song challenge, day 10: a song that makes you fall asleep

I am one of those people who can’t really listen to something and fall asleep. Ideally, I would have a perfectly silent background, or perhaps, the wind rustling or some rain trickling. White noise I don’t like, but natural sounds like wind and rain I don’t mind. So it is rare that I am listening to anything when I fall asleep. But sometimes, you can’t control your circumstances. Back in my freshman year in college, my roommate would play Sting’s Soul Cages album, which had just come out. (Yes, I was in college that long ago!) He would play it when he went to sleep and I got used to listening to it.

I would listen to that album in the dark, but it seems to me there was almost always one song during which I usually fell asleep:

Why Should I Cry For You by Sting.

There may have been nights when I made it beyond that song, but I don’t recall very many and when I think of a song that makes me fall asleep, it is the only one that comes to mind.

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