30 day song challenge, day 2: your least favorite song

I wonder how many people doing this challenge thought this was a difficult one. The problem is most people simply don’t listen to their least favorite song so it is hard to bring to mind. ┬áReflecting on this, I’ve come up with two songs. The first is the Eagles “Life in the Fast Lane”. I don’t hate the song, but it feels out of place on the Hotel California album and while I always feel like I want to just skip over it, I never do. The song that I always skip over, the song that I really, really dislike is one performed by one of my favorite bands, R.E.M.:

Burning Hell from Dead Letter Office.

I think I listened to the song two or three times back in college and I’ve never listened to it since. I have a playlist on my iPod of R.E.M.’s entire discology, but I’ve removed that song from the playlist. I have no problem with the lyrics or the meaning of the song, I just think it is a bad, bad, song, and if any song comes to mind as my least favorite, it is that one.

One thought on “30 day song challenge, day 2: your least favorite song

  1. Tuesday’s Gone by Lynard Skynard is my least favorite song. It’s not even by choice, something about the music turns my stomach – an actual physical reaction.

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