Watermelon weather

The first song I sang to the Little Z-Man before I put him to bed tonight was “Watermelon Weather” and I chose that particular tune for 3 reasons:

First, in honor of the late-spring-like weather we’ve had here in the metro-DC area these last two days. Warm spring days are always so refreshing after the long winter. Or as the song puts it:

It’s watermelon weather. That summer kind of weather. Where people, get together–and sing…

Second, in honor of the super full moon we are experiencing tonight; or as the lyrics of the song go:

And the moon, so big and ripe, it can hardly climb (bright as a dime)…

And last, but not least, because the Little Z-man has not one but two girlfriends at school, and as the song tells us:

It’s that sweetheart-kissin’ season. And all the world’s in rhyme, when it’s watermelon, sweet-love tellin’ time.

And for those who are curious: The other two songs tonight were, “Sam’s Song”, and the song that we usually end with, “Far Away Places”.