One month until “Take One For the Road” appears

Among the various items in the mail today was the May 2011 issue of Analog. It’s always fun to see Analog or Asimov’s in the mail (despite the fact that I also subscribe to them on the Kindle). But this time it was particularly exciting because my story, “Take One For the Road” is scheduled to appear in the June 2011 issue–which means I should find it in my mailbox in about one month–very close to my Jack Benny birthday.

It still seems surreal to me that I sold a story to Analog–perhaps even more so now that I’ve been reading all those old issues of Astounding. What a history! What talent grew up in those pages! And in 30 days or so, one of my stories will be there too. Wow!

And if you think this post is a bit giddy, just think how I’ll be 30 days from now. Incidentally, it looks like there will also be stories by Edward Lerner and David D. Levine–which makes me nervous. Those guys are really good writers!

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