My Vacation in the Golden Age is about to commence

There was no mail yesterday thanks to the federal holiday. Last night there was an ice storm which kept us home from work, and all day long I’ve been worrying that the mail would not arrive. But the mail truck just drove up and the mailman delivered the one package I’ve been waiting for in order to get started on my vacation in the Golden Age of Science Fiction. The July and August 1939 Astounding’s have arrived and they are in the best condition of any of the issues I have received thus far.  Check out the pictures below.



I’m getting started right away, and it is my hope to have the first post of this vacation up on Monday. After that, expect one each Monday unless that schedule is too aggressive for me to keep up with, in which case I’ll revisit it. At this point, I have the first 18 consecutive issues of the Golden Age and that gives me plenty of time to start to fill in the gaps.

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2 thoughts on “My Vacation in the Golden Age is about to commence

  1. I hope you are able to keep the faith on your Golden Age vacation. I will be interested to read your reactions to seventy year old Harl Vincent or Nat Schachner yarns.

  2. Or Campbell’s 70 year old editorial on “atomic” (nuclear) fission, for that matter. Absolutely fascinating. Will have a lot more to say when I write up the post for July ’39 on Monday.

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