July, August, September, October 1939 Astounding’s are mine!

It’s official: I have located the first four issues of Golden Age Astounding and they are being shipped to me. They are scheduled to arrive in the next 7-10 days or so and I am so eager to get started digging into them that I can barely sit still. A few people have asked if I would post how/where I obtained the issues. I am doing this in a spreadsheet and once it is a going concern, I’ll make it available on Google Docs. Meanwhile, I can now rest easy knowing that the first four issues are on their way.

I purchased these through eBay, via their bidding system. It was the first time I ever used eBay for bidding and it took some getting used to. I’m sure there are tricks and strategies that I should have followed but I wanted these issues badly. I actually bid on 6 issues (July – December 1939) but I lost on the November and December issues. Averaged out, I think I paid about $30/issue, which is well worth it in my mind, considering they are listed as very good condition. Besides, there is a pleasant symmetry to paying for Golden Age science fiction magazines with the money I get from writing science fiction stories.

This weekend, I plan to comb 2 or 3 local bookstores that I know carry boxes of old science fiction magazines. And I have friends scattered about the country doing the same. In the meantime, expect my post on the July issue to come close to the end of the month.