Jumping back into All Clear by Connie Willis

I’ve been in one of those “I can’t decide what I want to read” phases. I’ve jumped around and sampled a lot over the last few days, but nothing is sticking. So I decided to go back to Connie Willis’ novel All Clear, which is really just the second part of Blackout which I read earlier this year and loved so much. I started reading All Clear back in October when it was first released but ran into 2 problems: (1) too many other things going on; (2) too confused about where things left off in Blackout.  The problem is that the book was written as a single novel and then split into to parts because it was so long. Starting All Clear 6 months after finishing Blackout, I was lost as to who the characters were and what was going on in the rather complex historical/time-travel plot.

Problem 1 is easy to remedy since I am on vacation and today happens to be a particularly quiet day down here. Problem 2 I just attempted to remedy by reading a synopsis of the characters and plot of Blackout to remind me of who everyone is and what’s going on in the book. I am (according to my Kindle) about 12% of the way through All Clear and I have a pretty good memory of what I have read there so far so restarting won’t be difficult, and now that I’ve refreshed my memory of Blackout, I should be good to go.

And so, without further delay, it’s back to All Clear, beginning from Golders Green–July 1944.