Books and babies

Note to Parental Units: this is NOT an announcement of a new grandchild.

In the world of friends and family, some of the best possible news you can receive is to discover said friend or family member is having a baby.  It brightens your day and makes you feel all good inside.

In the world of writers, some of the best possible news you can receive is to discover that said fellow writer is having a literary baby–a.k.a., they sold a book to a Major Publisher.  This evening I learned of just such a fellow writer–and she’d having triplets!–or as it is called in the Biz, a 3-book deal.  It brightened my evening and made me feel all good inside.

So congratulations, Fellow Writer (you know who you are).  I bet right now you wish you had a 9-month gestation period to get that second novel written. 😉

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