These days are flying by

Man, it’s like the Beatles said:

Wake up.  Get out of bed.  Draw a comb across my head. Well, maybe not the last part. But the days really are just flying by in a kind of cyclical way.  And I’m only working half-time right now.  I’ve been sleeping in late because the baby keeps us up at night. In the morning I want to spend time with Kelly and the baby, and we linger in front of the TV.  Then I head off to work around 12:30 for 4 concentrated hours of whatever it is I do.  Then it’s back home.  Dinner.  Take Zachary for a walk.  And thus begins the long journey toward sleep:  giving Zach a bath, feeding him, getting him in his jammies, and finally getting him down to sleep.  It’s exhausting.

And yet I’ve got a Post-It on my office computer with a list of 6 story projects (5 shorts and 1 novel) that I want to be working on, but on which I am making on the barest of progress.

Yesterday, I received the trifecta of science fiction magazines in the mail:  one each of ANALOG, ASIMOV’S and F&SF.  Today, I received Jennifer Pelland’s collection, Unwelcome Bodies from Apex Book Company.  I’m still working my way through Lord of the Rings (about which I will have more to say when I finish it).  And I once again have a significant backlog of science magazines to get through.

(Some people tell me to skip the science magazines.  Heck no!  They are a great source of story ideas, to say nothing of pretty much the one way I keep educating myself on the sciences.)

Doug sent us one more form to sign for the mortgage and we’ve signed it and sent it back.

Zachary is sleeping.  He had a good night last night and slept for 4 hours in one stretch which is pretty remarkable for the little guy.  I’m hoping that is a new trend.

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