Only a week (7 days and counting)

When I was a kid, a week was the best unit of measurement for highly anticipated events:  a week until my birthday!  A week until summer vacation starts!  Less than a week until we head to Grandma and Grandpa’s.  I think that’s still true.  One might think that a day is even better, but in most cases, with only a day left, we suddenly find there are too many things that have to get done to make that last day of anticipation enjoyable.  No, a week is the best.

And so now we are a week away from the baby’s arrival and I think the anticipation has risen to a requisite pitch.   All day long I was thinking:  one week from right now, he’ll be (one hour, four hours, ten hours) old.  One week from now, Kelly will be feeding him, or I will be holding him.  It’s better than the anticipation for any school holiday or summer vacation.

What I think will be very interesting is to see what I write about a week from now, see if I view things any differently than I thought I might.  I will try to remember, a week from now, to link back to this entry as a kind of before/after comparison.

In the meantime, all I can think is: oh boy, oh boy, one week to go!

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