Spring has sprung!

What a gorgeous day, today!  Definitely the nicest weather we’ve had so far this year.  The skies were crystal clear, a deep blue, and the air was warm (mid-70s) and perfumed with springlike scents.  We were both up fairly early.  Kelly headed out to do some shopping and I got through a bunch of chores.  I did a thorough vacuuming job of the entire downstairs.  I cleaned out the cat litter.  I swept and mopped the floors.  I took out the trash.

Once that was all done, I settled down to read more of In Memory Yet Green, though I was distracted by one thing or another and didn’t make great progress during the day.  Late in the morning, Kelly and I took advantage of the great weather and went for a long, leisurely walk.

Todd came over around 1:30 and brought the crib with him, which we got mostly set up.  I need a tool that I don’t have at home in order to tighten a few things up.  Otherwise, the crib is mostly put together (just not completely secured) in our bedroom.  He also brought up a small collapsable stroller we can use for ad hoc purposes.

After Todd left, I headed over to the grocery store to pick up what I needed for grilling this evening. Earlier in the day, I did a leak check on the grill and the propane tank.  Around 5 pm, I started dinner.  This marked the first time I ever grilled in my life.  I had marinated chicken breasts in a Hawaiian marinade for about 7 hours.  I also made some grilled veggies.  At the grocery store I picked up some coleslaw and Hawaiian rolls to go along with it.  It turned out surprisingly good.  The chicken was tender, juicy and flavorful.  The veggies were good to.  I managed to neither over nor undercook the chicken, which was a relief to me.  I got us cupcakes for dessert.

Sometime after dinner, we went out for a second walk.

I sent off a story to Apex Magazine today.  I now have 3 stories out, one at ANALOG, one at F&SF and one at Apex. I need to get back to some real writing so that as these come back (if they do come back) I can get more stories out there

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