Up around 8:30 and had some breakfast to get the day started.  I had some work to do in the early part of the day, but instead, I lazed around for a while.  I started reading Tom Vanderbilt’s book, Traffic, and became utterly fascinated by it.  The book is all about, well, traffic, and as someone who sat in my share of traffic, trying to piece together theories of how it forms and what it does to our psyches, it has been an eye-opener.  I’m really enjoying the book.

I sent off a story to InterGalactic Medicine Show this morning as well, and was glad to get that in the mail.

After lunch, Kelly and I headed over to Babies R Us in order to peruse furniture.  Specifically, we were looking at cribs and gliders.  I took some notes and pictures of each of them so that we can get an idea of what we like.  After that, we stopped at a sporting goods store and I picked up a wrist brace for my decrepit thumb.  I wore it most of the day, and also took the recommended dosage of Advil, but so far, no change.

Around 6 pm, we headed over the Pentagon City to meet A.J. and Denisse for dinner.  We had Thai food and I devoured the crispy duck, which was extra spicy.  Yum!  Denisse is back from 3 weeks in Africa and she told us about her trip.  They came over to the house after dinner and we sat around chatting for a while, and then ended up watching Say Anything.  I took them back to the metro around 11:30 and then spent another half hour or so reading before heading off to bed.

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