Happy hour/unhappy parking

I stopped home after work to collect Kelly, and we headed over to Crystal City Sports Pub for happy hour.  We parked where we usually park, in a zone where permits are required until 5 pm.  Like always, we got there at about 4:50 pm.  We drove around looking for a legitimate spot, but couldn’t find one, so we went back and parked in the permit zone.

It was a nice happy hour.  Leanna was there as was Maggie, Jesseca and John.  We had a nice time.  Crystal City Sports Pub was packed (March Madness) so we went to the place on the corner, Tortoise & Hare, which turned out to be nice, and not nearly as crowded.

When we headed back to the car, you can guess–I had a parking ticket.  It was the first ticket of any kind that I have ever received.  $40.  I tend to think of it like paying for parking in a major city, like New York.  I can pay the ticket online and I’ll pay it over the weekend.

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